The Investment Pitch

So you want to raise money for your great idea

You have a great story to tell. But why isn't anybody listening?

Maybe it's time to rethink your approach

Try a new way of getting your ideas across

Your journey begins by thinking like the investor

VCs and Angel Investors are looking for stories. Stories they can invest in

To create a story they are interested in you need to understand how they deconstruct your story

At the basic level they break down every start-up pitch into three key parts:


Here they are thinking: How weak or strong is the market?

It helps them to imagine how big the opportunity is... and how much money they can make by investing in it.

And it's not just a question of size. Complexity, incubents, regulation, barriers to entry are all questions spinning in the back of the investor's mind


Here they are thinking: Is this a great solution to the problem of securing market share? Is this the best way to make money in this market? and, finally


Here they are thinking: Can you really pull it off? Do you have the smarts and the market savvy to deliver the product?

Experience, energy and professional network are also part of the investor's thinking

The first thing you will notice is the market takes priority. Second is the product... and you come last

But here in lies the paradox of investing. The only tangible thing the early stage investor really has to work with is you

So it all comes down to your ability to tell your story... and, yes, it needs to be a great story

So just how good is your story?

Let's measure it to find out

We can visualise the strength of your story using these faders

Obviously a fantastic market opportunity = 100%. A fantastic product = 100% and a fantastic team = 100%... you get the picture. But how does your story rate?

Hint: Anything less than 75% is probably a waste of time

If these three key ingredients are strong. It's just a matter of packaging up the story so it is easy for the investor to understand

Just don't assume because you have all the right ingredients the investor is going to do the work. You have to make it easy for them to understand that you have exactly what they are looking for...

You have to demonstrate how all these ingredients come together to achieve Founder-Market Fit, Product-Market Fit and Founder-Product Fit... and ultimately how this will make the investor more money

Obviously if you need help packaging up your story to make it more appealing to investors then we are here to help

Over the years we have created promotional campaigns and MVP's that have helped start-ups raise tens of millions of dollars in investment

The lesson we have learnt? A compelling story told simply is better than 100 well researched pitch decks

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