Instanomics : Calculating the cost of buying influence

First Published Summer 2015. Updated Summer 2019

The internet has spawn a generation of business models that profit from network contagion (Think: Network Effects).

The rise of the Instagram and/or YouTube Influencer is one of the web's more recent expressions of this recurring theme of digital disruptions.

This market for leasing social influence is forecast to be $10 Billion industry in 2020 and is on target to double in size by 2023

The challenge for any advertiser engaging the services of an Online Influencer is to calculate the real vs. the published cost of reach.

To help you understand this challenge we have built a simple engagement model that compares the cost of purchasing online influence with advertising on TV during the SuperBowl.

This model allows you to estimate the impact of Machine Traffic (Think: Bots) and/or Fake Followers on the cost of engagement

Simply move the sliders to explore how an infectious contagion of machine generated followers has the potential to distort the costs of doing business with influencers.


Cost per 1,000


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Questions of accuracy

Tymbals is an experiment in machine learning and statistical modelling of small data pools. Tymbals is still under development. It is still learning. Tymbals is Beta - i.e. Pre-release.

The probabilities and outputs (e.g. calculators, charts, visualisations) will evolve and change as the system ingests more data.

Tymbals is a probability model. The results generated by Tymbals are market estimates based on the cummulative value of the data within the distributed data pools.


All data inputs are automatically added to the learning pool from which Tymbals models are generated.

If you do not want your data added the data pool do not use Tymbals

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