Ged Carroll, Strategy Director

Ged is an omni-channel brand marketing strategist who has worked on projects for global brands.

e.g. Coca-Cola, Huawei, Mandarin Oriental, New Balance, Oakley, Sony, The National Lottery and Unilever.

He started his agency career in communications.

Working with agencies in the UK and Hong Kong.

Helping them develop successful new business pitches.

Assembling teams and mentoring the talent who do the work.

These team players have gone on to hold senior roles at Edelman, Golin, Landor, Uber and MSLGroup.

His strategic focus is on how brands present themselves through different media channels:

  • Analogue (e.g. television adverts, cinema adverts, events, billboards), and
  • Digital (e.g. QR codes on trams, , websites, mobile apps, Chinese and western social media networks).

For insights on all things strategy and planning related, feel free to follow his blog.

or, his Twitter feed

Ged Carroll - Strategy Director from Ged Carroll

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