Change the story. Change the game

Change the story. Change the game

It is a very simple idea

So why is it so hard to execute?

The answer is most advertising and marketing campaigns fail to identify the change in behaviour they are seeking to trigger before they begin the creative process

This is why so many award winning campaigns fail to move the revenue needle

They are created to impress rather than change behaviour

and this is why the world is awash with expensive, media rich messages that deliver the wrong behavioural outcome

So how do we change this behaviour?

What can we do to improve things?

The simple answer is you need to change how you think about the game

Let me explain

Here is a 2x2 Grid outlining what happens when you apply two basic rules to your marketing communications strategy

Basically you have a framework for evaluating your creative ideas

The vertical axis deals with strategy

It asks what is your objective?

It requires you to define the behavioural change you are looking for

The horizontal axis deals with creative

It asks will your message trigger this change in behaviour?

It tests your creative solution against the objective

It really is that easy...

Change the story and you change the game

But you must begin by deciding what the game is you want them to play

What do you want them to do?

Only then can you craft a message that will trigger this specific change in behaviour

Plus you will have the foundations of a creative campaign that can evolve throughout the product lifecycle

Closing thoughts?

Only the dim and witless will conclude the game is about buying more product or services

But we'll leave that discussion for another day...

At this stage let's finish up by taking a look at why Google, Facebook and the other digital platforms beat the incumbents in the transition to monetizing digital media

... and why changing the story and the game is so hard for incumbents to do

... and how the great disruptors leverage this insight to transform our expectations of what the future will be...

... and ultimately, how adopting this strategy translates into increased shareholder value...

Change the story, Change the game

Think about it... because it may just change the way you think... about it

At least until next time

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