AI: The robo management consultant experiment

I stumbled across a Tweet describing McKinsey's 'Rule of Three' for crafting persuasive arguments

The rule states: You need to provide the client with 3 reasons to adopt your recommendation. Not 2, Not 4. Just 3

McKinsey Rule of 3

... and this piqued my interest

McKinsey's consulting model generates in excess of $1 Million per employee

Just how hard would it be to create a Robo Management Consultant that replicates McKinsey's advisory model?

Textural analysis of the HBR suggests the question can be resolved if we can reduce the activity of the management consultant into a value equation

For example...

The objective of the consulting assignment is to...

Increase [w] by Reducing [x] and/or Improving [y] by Changing and/or Creating a new [z]

Having developed the value equation we can then randomise the outputs based on the assignment objective

For example...

We can increase

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