Play the tunes that get people dancing


Marketing is a simple business. It's all about playing the tunes that get people dancing.

The Internet has been around for 45 years. Mobile communications and the Database for over 60. This means anyone who is talking about how this new technology changes everything, is sadly, late to the party. But the fractal narrative that is game changing tech makes for a facinating insight into the art of marketing and positioning.

So what better way to appreciate the value of the profession than to deconstruct some of the most successful advertising and marketing campaigns from over the decade?

The Seven Laws of Zipfluence

Introduction to ExCapite

Apple Teardowns

Facebook Teardowns

Google Teardowns

Digital Advertising Teardowns

Social Media Teardowns

eCommerce Teardowns

SaaS Teardowns

Mobile Disruption Teardowns

Disruptive Start-ups Teardowns

Blockchain & Crypto Teardowns

Big Data, Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics Teardowns

Ad-hoc Ideas & Observations

Zipfluence (Zipf - Fluence) is the 5th generation of the 5 year old Excapite experiment. An ongoing analysis of the economics of the Mobile Convergence (MobCon) across finance, media, telecoms and IT. It consists of a highlights package from the earlier Excapite journey, some new analysis and some experiments in harvesting machine traffic.

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