We are in the business of changing HEARTS and MINDS

Founded at the beginning of the digital media era

Inspired by the idea 'the future of business is interactive'

We measure our success in the market share we capture for our clients

To date this can be counted in the $Billions

Equal parts management consultancy, design studio and advertising agency

We are different. Very different. From the competition


Tymbals is the drum like chamber cicadas use to generate their mating call

All it takes is for one cicada to make a click and a wave of call and response echoes across the forest

Think of it as triggering a network effect

Our creative methodology is shaped by this key insight into how markets react to new stimuli

We are in the business of manufacturing Contagion, Emergence, Divergence & Convergence... on demand

1. Contagion

We believe growth is a social contagion

The challenge is identifying what to inject into the market to trigger changes in behaviour

The key to success is pinpointing the social triggers that motivate the market to (re)act

2. Emergence

Markets evolve

They are constantly in flux

Change is the one true constant

The key to success is identifying emerging trends and leveraging them to your advantage

3. Divergence

Divergence is curiosity at play

The key to success is inviting the adventurous to seek out new experiences

Providing them with a platform to experiment and thrive

... and encouraging them to share those experiences with others

Hint: Draw on the canvas to watch divergence at play

4. Convergence

Convergence is about gaming market behaviour

Igniting the customer's curiosity

Enticing them to act on impulse

The challenge is creating the hook

That attracts a crowd

Hint: Click/touch on one of the dots and we'll show you how easy it is

This is the world in which we excel...

A world of designing network effects on demand

Think of it as 'Flocking as a Service'

Our message to you?

It's very difficult, and very expensive, to increase market share by doing what everybody else is doing

But chances are you already know that... and that's why you are here

Seeking a compelling new edge and the opportunity to increase market share?

You have come to the right place

What happens next? Well that's up to you...


Let's Click!

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