Design leadership in a crowded market for ideas

I have said more than once that Design is about asking the right questions

Ask the right questions and you'll find yourself on the right path to finding the right answers

Today I want to expand on that idea

Because I think there are multiple dimensions to this challenge

and the type of questions you ask will determine where you will be playing in the market

Essentially there are 3 types of Q&A matrices

Strategic, Creative and Practical

So let's map out these three category of questions

The strategic question is all about the challenge of asking the right question

The creative question is all about the uniqueness of the questions you are asking

Are you in the business of asking the same questions as everybody else... or is there something unique about the way you think about the problem you have been tasked to solve?

The final matrix is about the practicality of the answers you are trying to deliver

All three require a different type of thinking

All three are key to being a successful designer

The game changers operate here

They are the stars across all three matrices because they in the business of fundamentally changing the question

and in doing so they create a new market category of answers where they are the only player

Meanwhile the incumbents play here

Leveraging their old ideas, methods and ways of thinking to profit from any new challenge

The majority of designers can be found playing with their dogs

and it's not really a question of talent

Just a question of mindset

The Stars disrupt the marketplace by posing three ideas in the client's mind

a. You hired me to change the question

b. You hired me to create something new

c. You hired me because I have changed the way the game is played

Originally Published Summer 2023. What are we talking about today? Follow us on Twitter
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