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The Zero Cost Rainmaker



Phase Changes


Marketplace Models


[Fund Raising]

How well does your story measure up?




The Dropship Arbitrage



The TikTok Experiment


The Agency of the Future



Let's Click!




Social Commerce CoCA


[Product Market Fit]

The Frictionless Pivot

[Management Consulting]

The Robo Strategy Experiment



The Incubator Factory Complex



[Meta, NFTs and DAOs]

The MetaCryptoVerese


[Growth Hacking]

Change the Story. Change the Game

[Growth Hacking]

How Apple changed the story


[Growth Hacking]

Why Apple didn't change the story



[Growth Hacking]

The Myth of the Viral App


[Business Models]

Smart People. Dumb Businesses

[Social Media]

TikTok vs. Instagram ARPMOE



Lucky Generals




Hacking the Future



Is the pace of technology adoption really speeding up?

[Social Media]

Bytedance & the Hyper Growth Delusion


[Social Media]

You Will know me by my lists



[Social Media]

The Price of Influence


[Click Fraud]

Global Impact Model

[Venture Capital]

Fund Performance Simulator



The Accenture APAC FinTech Lab




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